NewVision OB/GYN Ultrasound Automation System

● Reduce total exam and report preparation time by 30%
● Automate and reduce manual paperwork
● Transfer images and videos from Ultrasound device
● Transfer measurements from Ultrasound devices
● Professional, customizable reports with images, measurements and reference tables
● Patient data archive and analysis
● Fetus development analysis and historical comparison


Which problems it solves?

  • ● Currently the doctor dictates some of the measurements and the assistant records them in the computer manually. There’s a chance measurements are recorded incorrectly. Many useful measurements are not recorded.
    • NewVision transfers all measurements and reference values with zero error.
  • ● Patients get a small printout USG image:
    • NewVision produces a complete report with all relevant images, measurements, and reference graphs.
    • Babies’ images can be shared with parents via Cloud option.
  • ● Images and measurements stay on device and get erased in case of a device malfunction or when the device disk is full. In case of malpractice claims Images and measurements could be used as evidence to protect the doctor. Lost images result in heavy fees paid by hospitals.
    • NewVision creates a redundant archive to prevent data loss. System reliability proven Worldwide since 2003.
  • ● e-Health integration is becoming mandatory.
    • NewVision integrates with existing EMR/EHR systems to complete the chain.


  • ● Data stored in normalized standard form enables progress analysis.
  • ● Reference tables allow comparing measurements on graphs.
  • ● EMR/EHR Hospital Management System integration:
    • Worklist appointment management system support
    • Image and report transfer support
  • ● Detailed Cardiology reports completed.
  • ● Patient appointment system option for small clinics available

Validated Manufacturers

  • ● GE Voluson series
  • ● Hitachi Arietta series
  • ● Canon (Toshiba) Aplio series
  • ● Philips OB/GYN product series
  • ● Samsung OB/GYN product series

Other features

  • ● Automatic archive and backup
  • ● Automatic transfer to Hospital Management Systems
  • ● Manual measurements, drawings and annotations
  • ● Mobile phone and tablet support (optional)
  • ● Cloud appointments module (optional)
  • ● Cloud sharing and telemedicine (optional)
  • ● Doppler USG
  • ● Echocardiography