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The DoctorSays

is a tele-retinal screening solution.
This cloud based application makes
tele-ophthalmology and
screening easier with a simple,
easy workflow, auto-generated reports,
secure referral generation,
collaboration with other clinicians and
data transfer to other
Electronic Medical Record (EMR) platforms.

DoctorSays is a tele-retinal screening solution. This cloud based application makes tele-ophthalmology and screening easier with a simple, easy workflow, auto-generated reports, secure referral generation, collaboration with other clinicians and data transfer to other Electronic Medical Record (EMR) platforms.



Improving patient outcomes

Tele-ophthalmology is evolving into an important tool for eyecare specialists, for a variety of reasons. It allows clinicians to collect health information outside of clinics, improving access to medical care. This increased access will mean better patient outcomes. Eye screenings can be conducted within the community, in a variety of settings. Bringing the clinic directly to patients allows clinicians to capture more vision threatening diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, and cataracts. With early detection, tele ophthalmology allows for timely referral to appropriate experts, improving patient outcomes. DoctorSays is a cloud-based tele-health solution for ophthalmic services. It offers a fast and integrated solution which combines ocular imaging, diagnosis and reporting tools and an electronic referral process platform, which allow easy collaboration between secondary and primary care. It is also a secure platform, allowing for the transmission of healthcare information and digital clinical images for assessment and integration into other Electronic Medical Records (EMR) platforms.

A Comprehensive Tele-Ophthalmology Solution For Early Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy and Other Eye Diseases



Diabetic retinopathy (DR) is a leading cause of blindness and visual disability in the world. Diabetes affects 8 to 10% of the population in developed countries. Approximately 2% of people become blind after 15 years beyond diagnosis of diabetes.

The DoctorSays tele-retinal screening solution collects captured fundus images, the patient’s personal information and clinical data and then transfers it all to an ophthalmologist, who then examines the patient data and gives advice for appropriate medical care. This online screening application can also be used within a practice by primary care providers. It will allow them to provide routine diabetic eye screenings. Diabetic patients will receive a quick, convenient and non-invasive retinal exam at their next regular doctor’s visit and have the results on the same day. Clinicians can then use the “Referral” option within the platform to provide a referral to or consult with another clinician. The DoctorSays solution provides a structured, workflow-based and clinically proven process for chronic eye disease detection.

How the Process Works



Image Acquisition

Retinal photos are taken using an easy-to-use retinal camera which is operated by a nurse, technician or medical assistant. Operation of the camera requires minimal training.

  • No need for eye dilation
  • Patient screening takes less than 3 minutes
  • Retina Images are automatically sent to the DoctorSays platform for diagnosis
  • The platform is also compatible with most tabletop or handheld retinal cameras

Clinical Diagnosis

Retinal images are analyzed and clinically diagnosed for the presence or absence of diabetic retinopathy, the stage,the severity of the condition and any other ocular or systemic health issues that are noted. The images are reviewed and clinically diagnosed by certified ophthalmologists. Our image enhancement technology ensures higher resolution images and more accurate diagnoses.The report is accessible to the patient and their provider on-line.

Diagnostic report

DoctorSayas Diagnostic report

Diagnostic report

The DoctorSays diagnostic report is automatically generated for clinician review and contains recommendations for referrals or re-screening. The reports (including ICD-10 codes) are generated within a day, and the data can also be sent to patients’ Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

Electronic Referral

Using DoctorSays’ eReferral capabilities, patients that are in need of treatment can be referred electronically to an ophthalmologist or other healthcare professionals in their area.

Electronic Referral

Electronic Referral

Ophthalmologists are provided with on-line access to a patient’s medical history, the diagnostic report and retinal images for assessment. DoctorSays eliminates the need to email or fax referrals which helps to significantly reduce referral turnaround times and speed up access to Treatment. As an integrated tele-retinal screening solution, you can use it to notify all of the related parties about the referral with automated notification alerts.

Advantages of the DoctorSays platform

The DoctorSays tele-retinal screening platform integrates the aspects of the retinal screening process into one easy to use workflow. It includes the initial appointment, capture and uploading of data and images for assessment, report generation, recommendations for follow-up, referral generation and automated recall scheduling. It sets itself apart by its ease of use, results analyses, reporting with recommendations and consultation, ability to share data with other platforms and referral capabilities.

A Robust Secure Platform

DoctorSays platform is delivered through our
secure cloud providing rapid deployment and
zero maintenance. No upfront software or
server hardware is required.
Secure Solution
DoctorSays offers the highest level of security
and encryption to ensure the protection of
your electronic Protected Health Information.
Highly Configurable
DoctorSays is built on best practices for
diabetic retinopathy screening. However, it
can be customized to meet your
organization’s needs and existing workflows.
Desktop & Tablet Compatibility
DoctorSays allows users to access patient
files, read and diagnose images, create
reports from anywhere including desktop or
tablet devices.

Who can use DoctorSays?

DoctorSays partners with primary care providers, healthcare systems, health plans and eye care professionals to bring ease of use to professionals and increase patient reach with this portable, cloud based tele-retinal screening platform.

User Portfolio of DoctorSays

  • primary care providers
  • healthcare systems
  • eye care professionals
  • health plans




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