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Enhancement Technology ın Fundus Images

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The retinal fundus image plays an important role in the diagnosis of retinal diseases. Detailed information of the retinal fundus image, such as small vessels, microaneurysms, and exudates, may be of low contrast, and retinal image enhancement often helps to analyze retinal fundus image-related diseases.

Image enhancement can be applied to any fundus image taken thanks to the “Enhancement” function (image enhancement function) in New Vision Fundus. A new image can be saved by applying the desired image enhancement process to the images transferred to the New Vision Fundus. The “Enhancement” functions help the doctor to examine the fundus images taken with the ophthalmic camera in more detail. According to the feedback we received from our customers, it seems that the “Enhancement” functions benefit both doctors and patients. Thanks to the image enhancement process, images that are too dark to be evaluated are improved and brought to a level that can be analyzed by the doctor.

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